Travel · 21. Oktober 2018
So you have travelled a lot and somehow you have seen enough churches, town halls, city centres, tourist centres? This is a story, which shows you were to find adventure, which can be experienced in almost any city.

Travel · 23. September 2018
Some things simply aren‘t the same in Italy. Two big things make life there supergreat: Hospitality and coffee. Italians simply need their coffee. It is the most famous hot beverage in that country and it is extremely difficult to get the same, or at least a similar taste somewhere outside of Italy. They have the right technology and skills. Coffee is so important, that you even get a great milk froth in the cheapest, ugliest looking bar. ...

Travel · 01. Juli 2018
One of your biggest dreams is time travelling? So far your only way has been science fiction or phantasy movies? Yes, I have experienced the same and I really love the idea of diving into the future or past. Something had always been missing though: The real feeling, the smells, sounds, people, the experience of being part of it. I did it! I have been to medieval times. You can get that with the biggest medieval event: Time travel. (video about it:

Travel · 03. Juni 2018
Travelling requires some waiting time. We are with other people we do not see, when we stay in our rat race. Without all these different travellers, travelling would not be that exciting.

Travel · 06. Mai 2018
On the way you profit from the time you have on public transport and ordinary situations might turn into little adventures.

Travel · 08. April 2018
What would you think about a place, where you could do any sport at any time of the year, still enjoying the advantages of a city? It takes you some minutes by public transport to get to the skiing area, the mountain bike trails, or water sport spots. (a minimum of 22 outdoor sports, only mentioning the most important ones!) You want to watch it?:

Travel · 11. März 2018
Even if you travel a lot for work, travelling unorganized and fully private is often very surprising and mind-opening. Especially wonderful hospitality is a great surprise and that's what gives it that extra something.