frequently asked questions for tour guide challenge

How is the certificate going to look like?


It is adjusted to the corporate design of Become a Tour Guide and is going to describe the contents and quantity of the seminar.


Is my written work going to be graded?


No, there will be an oral feedback and if you wish, it can be compared with the grading of a traditional school.


How are you different from others offering tour guiding education?


We emphasize the network between you and the tour operators, which is going to stay, even after the event. We use contemporary, sustainable learning- and teaching methods, modern communication, a relaxed atmosphere, a fair price, exlusively relevant contents, which can also be used in other jobs, competent coaching, precise and clear insight into the business.


What if my English is not enough?


It is enough, if you understand what is being said, you may also interrupt any time, to ask questions about the content or the language. In your written works any mistakes are allowed, there is no right or wrong. If you are still not sure, consider the German event.


Which English dialect must be used?


Any is allowed. International, or business English is the language being used; this way any accent is allowed.


What means coaching?


It is not a classical learning method : Extending traditional training methods to include focus on you individuals needs and accomplishments, close observation, and impartial and non-judgmental feedback on performance. Giving you the proper coaching can help to ensure that you can handle situations on your own when they arise. A coach can also help advise on any elements which might be affecting the success of your project and potential obstacles to get over. There are many career coaches, so ensure the one you choose have the appropriate experience.


Is the education approved by the state?


Additional education and education in general is always welcome by employers and are always a plus for your CV. As the aim is to work interantionally, it is more important to have an international certificate, rather than one, which you can only use in your country. As most tour guides work without a tailored tour guiding certificate this certificate will impress for sure.

Beware: Tour guiding is not supposed to be confused with city tours. Especially in German these terms (Reiseleitung, Stadtführung) are very often used synonymously; the guiding through a single city and the education needed for it, are offered by other institutions.


When is the latest date to sign in for the course?


Ideally 8 days in advance. If you could decide earlier, you could help making our organisation job easier.


Is it possible, that the course might be cancelled?


We try everything that this won't happen. Though, if there are not enogh participants, it will be cancelled.


Why is there no exam?


Becaouse exams have a demotivating effect and therefore work against the intended learning effect, which is offered. It is also unfair to grade feedback, which is highly individual and can be interpreted very differently. As you also participate in role-plays we would like you to be yourself, be authentic, which can only be done, if you don't work for grades. You should also be allowed to critically evaluate your colleagues and yourself without the fear of being degraded in a number shown on a paper.


Why are facts about other countries not on the syllabus?


Because they can easily be found on the internet and have to be collected individually by each tour guide, depending on where she/he will be working.


Why is it important to know what the tour operator wants?


Because this way we, the tour guides, can react easier and in a more correct way during the journey or in the destination we work.


What if I decide to stay at home afterwards?


As you are going to experience and learn a lot about humans within the workshops and role plays, your newly aquired skills can be used anywhere. Your English can also be used at home in many jobs. Additionally the tourism branche at home will also appriciate, that you conducted a seminar.


Please send us an email with additional questions and we will ad them in this section with the required answer.