Venice beyond the Carneval

Even with millions of tourists you find quiet places beyond the crowds.

Carneval Venice

Watch the best masks of the world.

Christmas market Chur

Explore a nice Christmas market in town center.

Christmas market Basel

Explore Christmas markets in the city center.

Time Travel

One of your biggest dreams is time travelling? I did it! I have been to medieval times. You can get that with the biggest medieval event: Time travel.

Alps and Northern Italy

From the unique Alps to a wonderful mediteranean area: Lake, old cities, mountains.

British Isles

Get a quick overview about the British Isles.

Figln, a unique sport

A special sport, when it is warm, but you still do not want to farewell winter. For lovers of mountains and outdoor sports.

Boot Düsseldorf

Dreaming about yachts, sailing boats and life on the water, checking out all the interesting new technology.

Ski Arlberg

My favourite hobby. :-)

Here in Austria: Arlberg: St. Anton, Stuben, St. Christoph


The country of the Reindeer has so much to offer. There are about 360.000 lakes, long beaches, clean and modern cities.

South Sweden

Checking out a unique part of Scandinavia with all its nature, culture, churches, islands and cities.